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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Ring Name: AJ Styles
Date of Birth: June 2, 1977
From: Gainesville, Georgia
Place of Birth: Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
Pro Wrestling Debut: 1998
Allen Neal Jones better known by his ring name A.J. Styles, is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE. He is best known for his 12-year tenure working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling along with his work in Ring of Honor between 2002 and 2016, and in New Japan Pro Wrestling from 2014 to 2016 as a member and the third leader of Bullet Club. AJ made his professional wrestling debut in 1998. While in TNA, Styles held numerous championships he held seven world championships & 23 championships, overall. Concurrent with his NJPW and ROH work, Styles also performed on the independent circuit, where he held numerous additional championships as well, for a total amount of 51 championships. AJ signed a multi-year contract with WWE in January 2016 & made his debut at the Royal Rumble match. Nicknamed "The Phenomenal One" AJ Styles is nothing short, but phenomenal his accomplishments and athletic skills speaks for itself, and it can't help but draw your attention. Be sure to watch AJ takeover the WWE by storm.

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Category: Interviews


SummerSlam Week 2017 has been a world wind of interviews and more for the United States Champion A.J. Styles. Between meeting fans, Styles took some time to team up with Charlotte Flair to fight for the chance to be UpUpDownDown’s Rocket Tournament Champions. Falling just short, NASHA (Sasha Banks and Neville won), A.J. got back in the mode of being a WWE star by doing an interview at WWE2K18 games SummerSlam Kickoff event and sitting down with Sam Roberts. No matter how busy A.J. was he took the time out to meet Make A Wish kids as well. If you have missed a moment of Styles Phenomenal Week, We have you covered.

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Published By: CiCi
Date: August 20th

WWE Star A.J. Styles comes in studio to talk with Bailey and Southside on what he originally wanted his stage name to be, how he got the name A.J. Styles, what he thinks about Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Nakamura’s entrance music, living in Japan, and more.

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Published By: Brittany
Date: May 31st

Inside The Ropes sat down with AJ Styles right before the WWE Live event in Glasgow and asked him a bunch of different questions.  They talk to AJ about the rumors online of him joining the RAW brand in the Superstar Shakeup and how he felt about those rumors and AJ being at WrestleMania 33 when Undertaker retired and more. Check out the video above to here the full interview. Initially, this video was posted as two separate videos but we merged it into one for your convenience. Enjoy!

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Published By: Brittany
Date: May 5th
Published By: Brittany
Date: January 12th

Spanish media had the opportunity to interview AJ Styles hours before the eventLive held at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.During an event, the current SD Live Champion stopped for a few minutes and answered some questions. Here is the transcript of the interview:

– You have fought worldwide during throughout your career, you consider the WWE Championship your greatest achievement?

“Many people would consider my greatest achievement, like me.WWE This is a world famous company that everyone knows.When someone asks me what I do for a living, I tell them I work in professional wrestling in WWE. I can finally say it. After so many years entertaining people all places, after 17 years as a professional, I can say that I have come to WWE and being an incredible experience. ”

– You say it’s a dream come true for you?

“No doubt it’s something big, something important for my career.Being champion in WWE is one of the biggest goals I have achieved. Few things are bigger than that. Despite what people say, everyone’s goal is to WWE. ”

– Was the end of your career WWE World Champion the goal that you got as a fighter?

“I did not start in the world of wrestling to hang out. I got into this to be somebody and win championships. I succeeded in all places where I’ve been and WWE is no exception. ”

– You’ve been more than 10 years in this business and have a family, have you begun to consider when will your retirement?

“Of course, at some point it will come; but today, I still have many things to do. As I grow older I’ll go see. If I remain AJ Styles or if I have to take some time to rest to recover sensations. For me it’s all or nothing. When the time comes, the day not see me able to fight the way I do now, it may be time to retire. But I can assure you that is not something that will happen soon. ”

– WWE now in your calendar of events is bigger and you have to travel a lot, how are you living this now you’re not so young?

“I have many years doing this and I have prepared for something.Traveling is a very important part and do not think a normal person is able to bear it; but we are not normal. What we do is amazing. We put our bodies to the limit just traveling. Not many people can get what we get. We are a special group. “

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Published By: Brittany
Date: November 13th


The superstars of WWE AJ Styles and Alexa Bliss gave a press conference toSpanish media to promote events of this tour in Spain. Here we leave the most outstanding statements:

– You’re in the middle of a rivalry with Becky Lynch by SmackDown Live Women’s Championship, do you consider that working with her has helped you to grow and become a better fighter?

Alexa Bliss: “All rivalries help me grow, especially this with Becky.It helped me a lot to improve my management NXT in the ring.The problem is that she came a year before the main roster, but now we’re back to the same level. ”

– You have fought all over the world and have won championships in all companies where you’ve been, what you feel having won the WWE Championship in less than a year?

AJ Styles: “I think it has become clear that not kidding when I say I’m great. Very few fighters have been able to do what I’ve gotten around the world. I’ve reached the top and I won the biggest tournament there in this company. Undoubtedly win the WWE Championship is one of the greatest achievements of my career. ”

– You wear two months embroiled in a rivalry with Dean Ambrose and James Ellsworth, How is working with James? Do you think that makes SmackDown look weaker than RAW?

AJ Styles: “What if I think James Ellsworth makes us look weak brand? Well, we’re talking about a guy who has twice defeated AJ Styles with the help of Dean Ambrose. It does not really count [were traps], but victories are there. I do not think we look weak because AJ and I am the best in the world. I showed how good I am for everyone and SmackDown is fortunate to count on me.Does us see fainter? No, what makes the show more entertaining? Yes. Do I want to beat him up? Of course”.

– Women may be one day in the main event of WrestleMania?

Alexa Bliss: “I think we’re trained to be in the main event because we’ve all grown a lot over the years. 4 horsewomen are good, but there are many more talents. We are good and will be the main event of WrestleMania someday. ”

AJ Styles: “I enjoy fighting and I think they may be in the main event of WrestleMania. Women are no longer different and the sky is the limit for them. ”

– Next week will take place the return of one of the greatest legends of this business, What do you think of the return of The Undertaker? Would you demonstrate that you now you’re the face of SmackDown?

AJ Styles: “If The Undertaker comes and you have a challenge for me I will show that I am the champion. However, I do not know if The Undertaker will want to face me and have what you need to have to see their faces me. I’d love to face him if you have a challenge for me. Moreover, I am open to challenges of all kinds of legends “.

– Would you like denfender your championship with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33?

“The question is, would you like to you see me defend the WWE Championship against Taker? This has nothing to do with me, nor with Undertaker, this has to do with what the WWE Universe wants. I love doing everything the WWE Universe asks me. If given the chance, I’d love to fight him. ”

– Would you be willing to challenge him?

“Why I should challenge him? I am the champion”.

– Because it’s a legend …

“It means nothing to me to be a legend. I have many years in this business defending championships and am open to any challenge that the people below me propose. If you want my WWE Championship, uh, here it is. ”

– But he’s not someone below, is a legend and you’ve been here only a year …

“Well, we’ll see what happens. You never know. I’m the champion, I do not ask fighting. If you want to face me, it is in your hands. ”

– Another legend to which you might face is Shawn Michaels, what is known about your possible fight with him?

“The offer is on the table now is wait for their response. I’d love to face him to give fans what they want. But Shawn retired and his position has always been very clear, consider a lack of respect for Taker and return fans. If I were in your place I would fight without thinking. It would be an incredible fight. ”

– Do you have a dream match pending?

“I had dream matches since I came, but I never tire of repeating.The dream matches are in your hands. You are the WWE Universe and give them what they want. Ask him something to WWE and give you whatever you ask. ”

– Today is a very special day for wrestling in Spain. 25 years ago the first WWE show held in Spain, what fans can expect from you tonight?

AJ Styles: “It’s very important to return 25 years later. What to Expect Entertainment. That’s what we do and why we have traveled the world many years. No one is at the level of WWE as far as entertainment is concerned. We make fans feel that money invested in our shows worthwhile “.

Alexa Bliss: “You see that SmackDown is the best brand because women we have become the biggest attraction of the show and that I deserve to be the Women’s Champion”.

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Published By: Brittany
Date: November 13th

WWE world champion AJ Styles has been on a whirlwind ride over the last 10 months. Since making his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble in January, he’s had memorable showdowns with Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, John Cena and Dean Ambrose — to say nothing of James Ellsworth.

The most shocking element is how quickly he’s accumulated a massive following in the WWE, after decades in the wrestling industry working for every other major company in the world, and risen to the top of the ranks in the company.

With Tuesday’s release of WWE 2K17, ESPN’s Tim Fiorvanti had the chance to talk with the “face that runs the place” on SmackDown Live about his love of all things video games, his incredible run over the last year, dream opponents and much, much more.

ESPN: AJ, it’s pretty well documented that you’re a big gamer. I saw a video from about 10 years ago where you had a PlayStation 2, an Xbox, a GameCube and a SEGA Dreamcast with a video screen attached, among a great many other things in your game room at home. What’s the setup like these days?

AJ Styles: If we’re talking about my setup now we could talk about all the retro games that I have, like my collection of hand-held systems that most people have forgotten about, but I also still have systems that can play the old games like a RetroN 5 and other craziness. I also have my arcade machines, and then we can move on to the PS4, and the Xbox One, but I like to play my Xbox 360 as well. So I have pretty much everything, man — I have an addiction, and I admit that.

ESPN: When you’re on the road, how much of that do you end up taking with you? Is it more about the consoles or the handhelds when you’re done wrestling for the night?

AJ: Well I actually take my Xbox 360 on the road. I still enjoy playing my 360 because the last game that they made for college football was 2014, so I have it just so I can play that game. There are also some games [for that system] that I never really got into, but now I really enjoy them, like this game called “Bullet Storm.” I didn’t realize how fantastic this game was at the time, but I’m rocking it right now and it’s awesome. It’s to a point where a lot the guys will go, “What game is that dude?” I’m like, “Dude it’s actually kind of old.” So yeah I still like rocking the 360.

ESPN: You have three kids — are they as enthusiastic as you are when it comes to video games? Have you instilled that in them?

AJ: They’re not as well rounded as I am. My oldest son likes Madden. That’s the one he wants to play, or baseball on the PS4. My second-oldest son, he can’t wait for me to get home and take him WWE 2K17. My third son, he’s on the Wii U, enjoys “Mario Maker” and whatnot. So they’re all involved, but they’re all in different age groups.

ESPN: Let’s talk about WWE 2K17 for a little bit. I think it’s pretty cool, at least for somebody who’s followed your career, that in 2016 in a WWE video game you can have AJ Styles face Samoa Joe. What is that like for you, considering all the different places both of your careers have been?

AJ: It’s pretty neat. I remember Joe telling me when he signed with WWE, and how cool I thought it was that my buddy is going to come in and make a difference, and I knew he would. Then he makes it in time to be in the game this year, which was unbelievable. I don’t know how many people made me in 2K16, but I’ve seen a lot of different AJ Styles, and the fact that they don’t have to do it this year I’m sure is a relief to them. It’s just really neat being a part of it all, man.

ESPN: In terms of some of the guys who you faced prior to signing with WWE, like a Joe, like a Nakamura, how much are you looking forward to the opportunity to showcasing those kinds of matches for a WWE audience in the future?

AJ: Absolutely, I am. I mean, the chemistry I have with both those guys, and other guys that are coming up through NXT or a part of NXT, it’s kind of one of those things where you can’t rush it. But all this stuff is gonna eventually happen. We just have to be patient.

ESPN: As the WWE World Champion, you are playing a pretty massive role in what’s going on in Smackdown Live right now, where everything’s been very well received. For you in particular, we have as our No. 1 in our Power Rankings and we’re certainly not alone. What is it like to have your work recognized and your level of performance recognized to the degree it has since you joined WWE?

AJ: It’s huge. That’s what you work for, is to be recognized. It’s nice to know that the hard work that you’ve put in all these years is finally getting the, I don’t want to say praise, but you know. I busted my tail for so long, I’m just glad it’s getting recognized now as part of the WWE. Because let’s face it, the WWE is the biggest company out there when it comes to wrestling. I’m just happy that I’m being recognized as somebody who works hard, I guess.

ESPN: Ten or 15 years ago, maybe even further back, when you thought about having a career in the WWE, is this sort of what you imagined? How does it compare in terms of what your dreams were and how it’s actually playing out?

AJ: I don’t think you really can compare this to anything. Who would have thought that “Hey man, by the way, as soon as you get to the WWE, you’re gonna get a rocket attached to you. It’s gonna be unbelievable.” The Royal Rumble being as crazy a night as it was for me, and then within nine months I’m the world champion. That’s huge. I don’t think anyone expected that, including myself. Time has everything to do with that. I don’t think that would have happened years ago. The WWE has changed so much since then as well. Who knows — if there had been no Daniel Bryan, would there have been no AJ Styles here in WWE? So there’s a lot of factors that come into play when talking about the past and where I would see myself in this situation years ago.

ESPN: I’m curious, do you feel like there’s a match or a series of matches that really helped you raise your game, raise your profile, and really put you over the top in terms of actually coming to the WWE?

AJ: I don’t know. I don’t know that they go out and look at other matches and go “That’s a guy we need in the WWE.” I don’t know how that process happens. I think there are definitely guys I worked with before that now work here in the WWE, and they might go “This guy’s great, let’s give him a shot.”

ESPN: What about from your side? Is there something you feel like you picked up while you were in Japan that’s really kind of been key to your success that you’ve had here in the WWE?

AJ: I think that I made a lot of noise in my career, and with my work ethic when I was in Japan. I think a lot of people were noticing what was going on. Especially with Tanahashi and Nakamura, having so many amazing matches with those guys. Who’s to say? Do I think Vince McMahon was looking at my matches in Japan going “We need him?” No. He wasn’t, he’s too busy. There’s no way. But somebody may have been looking and going “all right, I like this guy. Let’s give him a shot.”

ESPN: For people who haven’t watched New Japan or don’t really know what it’s like, what was your experience like being able to main event a Wrestle Kingdom show in front of a Tokyo Dome crowd?

AJ: I was also a fan of Japanese wrestling [before I went there]. I watched a lot of VHS tapes from Japan, and to be able to wrestle in the Tokyo Dome at one of the biggest shows of the year was really cool for me. It was my Wrestlemania moment before I had a Wrestlemania moment. And to be able to say that I did a WrestleKingdom and a Wrestlemania in the same year, I don’t think there’s too many people that can say they’ve done that. And I love that. I love being one of those guys that can say that I was on two of the biggest shows of the year.

ESPN: Given the chance, whether you have three or five or 10 Wrestlemanias ahead of you, is there a list you have, like a must-face guy or a dream opponent that you would like to face at some point?

AJ: I always say when it comes to dream matches that is not up to me, that’s up to the WWE Universe. That’s up to the fans. But there is a guy on SmackDown that I have yet to wrestle yet that’s certainly gonna happen at some point, and that’s Randy Orton.

ESPN: My very last question, I’ll swing back to WWE 2K17. If you have to choose one of your greatest opponents to face in the game …

AJ: Sting.

ESPN: Okay, I’ll make it harder — one of your great opponents who has never been in a WWE video game to be in a future edition of WWE 2K, in an AJ Styles story mode or just to be able to use them in the game.

AJ: Oh man. That’s never been in the WWE. Wow, that’s tough, man. That may be the most difficult question I’ve ever had. I mean think about that, who would you love to see in there that hasn’t been there at least in one of the games, because they’ve had so many legends in there before. Phew.

How about Jushin “Thunder” Liger. When you think about all the maneuvers and stuff that he’s come up with and what he’s done in the ring, that’s a pretty big gap to fill. So that’d be pretty cool.

Source: Article

Published By: Kat
Date: October 14th

The Phenomenal One was on a roll today doing media to help promote WWE’s second biggest Pay Per View of the year, Summerslam. AJ Styles joined the crew of Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning crew to discuss various topics such as Hip Hop, Conor McGregor, John Cena, and more. Check out the full interview above we also have the audio version available on our Souncloud account.

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Published By: Brittany
Date: August 18th

The “Phenomenal One” sat down this morning to join PX11 News sports anchor and WWE’s own Scott Stansford to discuss his big match against John Cena at the second biggest pay per view of the year Summerslam which takes place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.  Click the video above to watch this phenomenal interview in its entirety!

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Published By: Brittany
Date: August 18th