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xx Smackdown Live Results | October 24th, 2016 | Continue...

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xx Smackdown Live Results | October 18th, 2016 | Continue...

xx AJ Styles on his video game ‘addiction’ and rise to the top of WWE | Continue...

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AJ Styles Storm
AJ Styles Storm
AJ Styles Storm

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Allen Neal Jones better known by his ring name A.J. Styles, is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE. He is best known for his 12-year tenure working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling along with his work in Ring of Honor between 2002 and 2016, and in New Japan Pro Wrestling from 2014 to 2016 as a member and the third leader of Bullet Club. AJ made his professional wrestling debut in 1998. While in TNA, Styles held numerous championships he held seven world championships & 23 championships, overall. Concurrent with his NJPW and ROH work, Styles also performed on the independent circuit, where he held numerous additional championships as well, for a total amount of 51 championships. AJ signed a multi-year contract with WWE in January 2016 & made his debut at the Royal Rumble match. Nicknamed "The Phenomenal One" AJ Styles is nothing short, but phenomenal his accomplishments and athletic skills speaks for itself, and it can't help but draw your attention. Be sure to watch AJ takeover the WWE by storm.

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Smackdown Live Results | October 24th, 2016

Published By: Brittany | Filed in: Coverage, Images, Smackdown Live Results, TV Recap, WWE.Com

WWE.Com Digitals | Television Captures

Backstage, AJ Styles was interviewed. He said he couldn’t get James Ellsworth out of his head and acted disgusting. He said he looks like someone melted a WWE action figure in a microwave. Styles promised that Dean wasn’t going to walk out of Smackdown tonight and if he sees Ellsworth, James will be missing more than his chin when AJ is done.

Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles

Dean Ambrose, WWE World Champion AJ Styles and James Ellsworth are all out. Ambrose will be the new #1 contender if he wins this match.

Offense from both men early on. Styles ends up dropping Ellsworth at ringside. Ambrose comes to check on Ellsworth but Styles leaps from the ring and takes him out. Styles stands tall as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Styles nails a dropkick on Ambrose. Ambrose goes out and Styles tries to dive out but Ambrose goes back in and Styles lands on the floor. Ambrose runs the ropes for a dive and sends AJ into the barrier. Ambrose brings it back in and keeps control. Ambrose with a fisherman’s suplex for a 2 count. They trade counters and Ambrose gets a Cloverleaf submission applied but AJ gets to the bottom rope. AJ drops Ambrose on the apron and they both tumble to the floor. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and AJ has control in the ring. AJ takes Ambrose up for a superplex but Ambrose sends him to the mat face first. Ambrose with the big elbow drop as Ellsworth cheers him on. They both trade shots again. Ambrose unloads. AJ blocks a suplex and unloads with strikes. Ambrose with a swinging neckbreaker for a close 2 count. AJ counters a superplex and nails a springboard into an inverted DDT for a close 2 count. AJ calls for the Styles Clash but it’s blocked.

Ambrose blocks it again. More back and forth. Ambrose with the bounce back clothesline. Ambrose takes AJ to the top and hits the superplex. The referee counts to 8 but they get up. AJ gets the Calf Crusher applied. Ambrose breaks free by slamming AJ’s head into the mat but AJ tightens the hold. Ambrose finally makes it to the bottom rope. Ambrose sells the leg injury now. AJ turns around and nails a huge basement dropkick to Ellsworth, dropping him on the floor. AJ springboards in but Ambrose kicks him. AJ blocks Dirty Deeds. More counters. Ambrose with a roll up for 2. AJ with a pele kick. Ambrose blocks the Styles Clash and dumps AJ out next to Ellsworth. Ellsworth hulks up and waits for AJ. Ellsworth drops him with No Chin Music as the referee and Ambrose look on. Ambrose begs the referee but the match is called.

Winner by DQ: AJ Styles

Ellsworth immediately realized his mistake. AJ’s music hits as he recovers and has his arm raised at ringside. We go to replays. SmackDown goes off the air with AJ showing off the title.

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Talking Smack Recap & Media | October 18, 2016

Published By: Brittany | Filed in: Screencaptures, Talking Smack Recap, Videos, WWE

When The Hype Bros leave…. Renee insists that Daniel take off the “Stay Hyped” Hat. Bryan wants to keep it on. They are interrupted by AJ Styles. Styles stares down Bryan and says “What kind of ship are you running here?”… For a second there, It didn’t sound like AJ said the word ship. Styles says that Bryan had a chance to make things right but he didn’t. Styles complains about Dean’s involvement in his match tonight. How his hands were forced into hurting Ellsworth. Daniel says that AJ brought this all on himself by challenging Ellsworth last week. How it’s Styles fault that he lost twice to him… AJ tells Bryan that he has become the very thing he fought against. How Bryan has become The Authority. Styles calls Bryan corrupt. Demands that Bryan makes things right by booking Styles vs Dean Ambrose next week. How Aj wants to get revenge on Dean…. Bryan agrees to the request. He says that if Dean defeats AJ next week. Ambrose will get a shot at The WWE World Title. Styles says that Dean’s blood will be on Daniel Bryan’s hands.

AJ Styles walks off the set. There is a long pause in the studio as the camera zooms in on a concerned Daniel Bryan. After the silent pause, Renee asks Daniel if he feels responsible for what has and could end up happening. Daniel says no. Daniel feels that James Ellsworth is a tough person and that he can withstand a beating at the hands of AJ Styles. Bryan says that AJ is angry because he lost and that if he wants to prove himself. He is going to have to beat Ambrose next week.

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Smackdown Live Results | October 18th, 2016

Published By: Brittany | Filed in: Coverage, Images, Smackdown Live Results, TV Recap, WWE.Com


AJ Styles is in the back and he is asked about his match against James Ellsworth.

AJ says he cannot believe it is happening.  He says he is the WWE World Champion.  He has scratched and clawed to earn the right to be called The Face that Runs the Place.  However, he is getting in the ring with the waste of space, fat, skinny turd James Ellsworth.  He says Dean Ambrose will find a way to slither in and do something.  He will try to embarrass AJ.  It could be like WCW again.  It would be like David Arquette winning the title.  He cannot believe he is in the ring with a wet noodle of a man like James Ellsworth.  He tells Dean he will find him if he costs AJ the title.  He does not care where Dean is, he will find him.  AJ says he will rip Dean apart piece by piece.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five:  James Ellsworth versus AJ Styles for the WWE Championship

Ellsworth tries to attack AJ from behind when Dean rings the bell for too long.  AJ goes for a hip toss but Dean says they need to go to commercial.

We are back and Styles with a rear chin lock on Ellsworth but he cannot get a grip on the chin.  Styles slaps Ellsworth and Dean tells everyone to look at the TitanTron for a deal on the Ellsworth t-shirt.  Styles with a head butt and hip toss.  Styles with forearms to the head.  Styles with a drop kick.  Styles with an elbow to the back of the head.  Styles suplexes Ellsworth into the turnbuckles and he tells Ambrose it is his fault as he goes to the floor.

Styles with a chop and then he puts Ellsworth on the turnbuckles.  Styles goes for a superplex and Dean makes an announcement about a car with its light on.  Dean then does a promtional ad and that has Styles leave the turnbuckles.  Ellsworth goes for a cross body but misses.  Styles with a kick to the sternum and then he stomps on Ellsworth.  Styles sends Ellsworth into the turnbuckles and then to the floor.  Dean sends Ellsworth back in and then Styles sends him to the floor.  This continues for about a minute.

Styles goes up top and Ellsworth drops Styles on the turnbuckles.  Ellsworth with a super kick for a near fall.  Ellsworth gets to his feet and he shakes the ropes.  Styles with a running spinebuster.  Styles with forearms and the referee warns Styles.  Dean asks Ellsworth if this is the best he can do.  Styles kicks Ellsworth in the corner.  Dean tells AJ he kicks like a soccer mom in addition to looking like one.

Styles with forearms and the referee warns him.  Styles with more forearms and the referee makes the five count.

Winner:  James Ellsworth (by disqualification)

After the match, Ambrose kicks Styles and hits dirty deeds.

We go to credits.

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AJ Styles on his video game ‘addiction’ and rise to the top of WWE

Published By: Kat | Filed in: Articles, Informational, Interviews

WWE world champion AJ Styles has been on a whirlwind ride over the last 10 months. Since making his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble in January, he’s had memorable showdowns with Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, John Cena and Dean Ambrose — to say nothing of James Ellsworth.

The most shocking element is how quickly he’s accumulated a massive following in the WWE, after decades in the wrestling industry working for every other major company in the world, and risen to the top of the ranks in the company.

With Tuesday’s release of WWE 2K17, ESPN’s Tim Fiorvanti had the chance to talk with the “face that runs the place” on SmackDown Live about his love of all things video games, his incredible run over the last year, dream opponents and much, much more.

ESPN: AJ, it’s pretty well documented that you’re a big gamer. I saw a video from about 10 years ago where you had a PlayStation 2, an Xbox, a GameCube and a SEGA Dreamcast with a video screen attached, among a great many other things in your game room at home. What’s the setup like these days?

AJ Styles: If we’re talking about my setup now we could talk about all the retro games that I have, like my collection of hand-held systems that most people have forgotten about, but I also still have systems that can play the old games like a RetroN 5 and other craziness. I also have my arcade machines, and then we can move on to the PS4, and the Xbox One, but I like to play my Xbox 360 as well. So I have pretty much everything, man — I have an addiction, and I admit that.

ESPN: When you’re on the road, how much of that do you end up taking with you? Is it more about the consoles or the handhelds when you’re done wrestling for the night?

AJ: Well I actually take my Xbox 360 on the road. I still enjoy playing my 360 because the last game that they made for college football was 2014, so I have it just so I can play that game. There are also some games [for that system] that I never really got into, but now I really enjoy them, like this game called “Bullet Storm.” I didn’t realize how fantastic this game was at the time, but I’m rocking it right now and it’s awesome. It’s to a point where a lot the guys will go, “What game is that dude?” I’m like, “Dude it’s actually kind of old.” So yeah I still like rocking the 360.

ESPN: You have three kids — are they as enthusiastic as you are when it comes to video games? Have you instilled that in them?

AJ: They’re not as well rounded as I am. My oldest son likes Madden. That’s the one he wants to play, or baseball on the PS4. My second-oldest son, he can’t wait for me to get home and take him WWE 2K17. My third son, he’s on the Wii U, enjoys “Mario Maker” and whatnot. So they’re all involved, but they’re all in different age groups.

ESPN: Let’s talk about WWE 2K17 for a little bit. I think it’s pretty cool, at least for somebody who’s followed your career, that in 2016 in a WWE video game you can have AJ Styles face Samoa Joe. What is that like for you, considering all the different places both of your careers have been?

AJ: It’s pretty neat. I remember Joe telling me when he signed with WWE, and how cool I thought it was that my buddy is going to come in and make a difference, and I knew he would. Then he makes it in time to be in the game this year, which was unbelievable. I don’t know how many people made me in 2K16, but I’ve seen a lot of different AJ Styles, and the fact that they don’t have to do it this year I’m sure is a relief to them. It’s just really neat being a part of it all, man.

ESPN: In terms of some of the guys who you faced prior to signing with WWE, like a Joe, like a Nakamura, how much are you looking forward to the opportunity to showcasing those kinds of matches for a WWE audience in the future?

AJ: Absolutely, I am. I mean, the chemistry I have with both those guys, and other guys that are coming up through NXT or a part of NXT, it’s kind of one of those things where you can’t rush it. But all this stuff is gonna eventually happen. We just have to be patient.

ESPN: As the WWE World Champion, you are playing a pretty massive role in what’s going on in Smackdown Live right now, where everything’s been very well received. For you in particular, we have as our No. 1 in our Power Rankings and we’re certainly not alone. What is it like to have your work recognized and your level of performance recognized to the degree it has since you joined WWE?

AJ: It’s huge. That’s what you work for, is to be recognized. It’s nice to know that the hard work that you’ve put in all these years is finally getting the, I don’t want to say praise, but you know. I busted my tail for so long, I’m just glad it’s getting recognized now as part of the WWE. Because let’s face it, the WWE is the biggest company out there when it comes to wrestling. I’m just happy that I’m being recognized as somebody who works hard, I guess.

ESPN: Ten or 15 years ago, maybe even further back, when you thought about having a career in the WWE, is this sort of what you imagined? How does it compare in terms of what your dreams were and how it’s actually playing out?

AJ: I don’t think you really can compare this to anything. Who would have thought that “Hey man, by the way, as soon as you get to the WWE, you’re gonna get a rocket attached to you. It’s gonna be unbelievable.” The Royal Rumble being as crazy a night as it was for me, and then within nine months I’m the world champion. That’s huge. I don’t think anyone expected that, including myself. Time has everything to do with that. I don’t think that would have happened years ago. The WWE has changed so much since then as well. Who knows — if there had been no Daniel Bryan, would there have been no AJ Styles here in WWE? So there’s a lot of factors that come into play when talking about the past and where I would see myself in this situation years ago.

ESPN: I’m curious, do you feel like there’s a match or a series of matches that really helped you raise your game, raise your profile, and really put you over the top in terms of actually coming to the WWE?

AJ: I don’t know. I don’t know that they go out and look at other matches and go “That’s a guy we need in the WWE.” I don’t know how that process happens. I think there are definitely guys I worked with before that now work here in the WWE, and they might go “This guy’s great, let’s give him a shot.”

ESPN: What about from your side? Is there something you feel like you picked up while you were in Japan that’s really kind of been key to your success that you’ve had here in the WWE?

AJ: I think that I made a lot of noise in my career, and with my work ethic when I was in Japan. I think a lot of people were noticing what was going on. Especially with Tanahashi and Nakamura, having so many amazing matches with those guys. Who’s to say? Do I think Vince McMahon was looking at my matches in Japan going “We need him?” No. He wasn’t, he’s too busy. There’s no way. But somebody may have been looking and going “all right, I like this guy. Let’s give him a shot.”

ESPN: For people who haven’t watched New Japan or don’t really know what it’s like, what was your experience like being able to main event a Wrestle Kingdom show in front of a Tokyo Dome crowd?

AJ: I was also a fan of Japanese wrestling [before I went there]. I watched a lot of VHS tapes from Japan, and to be able to wrestle in the Tokyo Dome at one of the biggest shows of the year was really cool for me. It was my Wrestlemania moment before I had a Wrestlemania moment. And to be able to say that I did a WrestleKingdom and a Wrestlemania in the same year, I don’t think there’s too many people that can say they’ve done that. And I love that. I love being one of those guys that can say that I was on two of the biggest shows of the year.

ESPN: Given the chance, whether you have three or five or 10 Wrestlemanias ahead of you, is there a list you have, like a must-face guy or a dream opponent that you would like to face at some point?

AJ: I always say when it comes to dream matches that is not up to me, that’s up to the WWE Universe. That’s up to the fans. But there is a guy on SmackDown that I have yet to wrestle yet that’s certainly gonna happen at some point, and that’s Randy Orton.

ESPN: My very last question, I’ll swing back to WWE 2K17. If you have to choose one of your greatest opponents to face in the game …

AJ: Sting.

ESPN: Okay, I’ll make it harder — one of your great opponents who has never been in a WWE video game to be in a future edition of WWE 2K, in an AJ Styles story mode or just to be able to use them in the game.

AJ: Oh man. That’s never been in the WWE. Wow, that’s tough, man. That may be the most difficult question I’ve ever had. I mean think about that, who would you love to see in there that hasn’t been there at least in one of the games, because they’ve had so many legends in there before. Phew.

How about Jushin “Thunder” Liger. When you think about all the maneuvers and stuff that he’s come up with and what he’s done in the ring, that’s a pretty big gap to fill. So that’d be pretty cool.

Source: Article

Smackdown Live Results | October 11th, 2016

Published By: Kat | Filed in: Photos, Smackdown Live Results, TV Recap, WWE.Com


The WWE World Champion AJ Styles makes his way to the ring to give his victory speech.

AJ says the Champ is here.  AJ says that has a nice ring to it.  He beat Dean Ambrose and he beat John Cena.  He beat John Cena and Dean Ambrose at the same time at No Mercy.  That is not just great, that is Phenomenal.  He tells people to cheer for him, and then he calls them a bunch of losers.  You live vicariously through him because he is the champ.  There is only room for one on this bandwagon.  Why don’t you go cheer for John Cena?   You can’t do that because John is trying to be Kelly Ripa’s co-host.  You can cheer for Dean Ambrose.

AJ is shocked people would cheer for that lunatic loser.  AJ says it is time to talk about him.  AJ says he beat Dean Ambrose.  HE beat John Cena.  Some may not have liked the way it happened, but AJ is a winner and winners find a way to win.  AJ reminds everyone he beat Dean Ambrose and John Cena at the same time and he says it another time.  Most champions would take a year or a month off after that type of win.  Not AJ.  Smackdown is the land of opportunity.  AJ says he is going to give someone an opportunity tonight.  He will give a man a main event opportunity and he tells that man to come on down.

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring, but it does not appear to be the man AJ was thinking about.

Dean says AJ wasn’t talking about him and AJ confirms that.  Dean says AJ likes the easy way out.  He says he had AJ beaten three weeks ago and he had AJ tapping out on Sunday.  He says AJ doesn’t want none of Dean Ambrose.

AJ points out that two men cannot make one person tap out in a Triple Threat Match

Dean says he is getting the next chance.  No one on the roster is getting a chance before him.

AJ says this man is not on the roster so come on down.

James Ellsworth makes his way to the ring.

AJ is so excited to see James.  AJ reminds Dean that James was his tag team partner last month and Miz beat the ever loving crap out of him.  AJ says he will give James a chance to face him in a non-title match.  James thanks him.  AJ tells Dean to start stepping.

Dean says he is looking forward to this and he will watch it from ringside.

AJ tells Dean he will not be distracting anyone.  He tells Dean to get to stepping and to take a shower.

Daniel Bryan’s music plays and he makes his way to the stage.  Daniel tells AJ that he might be the champ that runs the camp, but Daniel is the guy who runs Smackdown Live.  He makes the matches and he is a huge James Ellsworth fan. The match will happen.  Daniel says AJ is right, Dean will not be at ringside.  It is because Dean is the guest referee for this match.

Match Number Four:  AJ Styles versus James Ellsworth in a Non Title Match with Guest Referee Dean Ambrose

Dean checks AJ for foreign objects in AJ’s gear.  We go to split screen.

Dean wants the full body check and now he wants AJ to bend over at the waist.  Dean checks on James and he gives a look over and says he is okay.  Dean wants to know if both men are ready.  Dean gets between AJ and James when they are about to lock up and AJ gets frustrated, but does not do anything to cause a suspension or fine.

Dean gets on the turnbuckles and then AJ and James lock up.  Dean breaks it up as they get to the turnbuckles.  They lock up and Styles with an arm drag.  Dean asks Ellsworth about the arm drag and then Dean distracts Styles to allow Ellsworth to hit an arm drag.  Ellsworth hides behind Ambrose and then Styles takes off his shirt because he means business now. Styles with a side head lock.

We are in full screen and Styles with a kick to Ellsworth followed by a forearm.  Dean makes the count since they are in the corner.  Dean with a fast count to get Styles out of the corner. They lock up and Styles with forearms in the corner but Dean warns AJ.  Styles with kicks in the corner.  Styles is warned about his strike in the corner.  Ellsworth with a punch and he leaves the ring.  Styles follows after him.  Ambrose trips Styles and Styles argues with the referee.  Ellsworth with a rollup for a near fall.  Styles with a clothesline and suplex.  Styles with a back breaker.

Styles sends Ellsworth to the mat and Ellsworth runs AJ into the corner.  Styles with the Calf Crusher and Dean answers a call while Ellsworth taps out.  Styles releases the hold and AJ wants to know what Dean is doing.  Styles sends Ellsworth to the floor.  Styles sends Ellsworth into the ringside barrier.  Styles slams Ellsworth on the floor.  Dean makes a fast count and AJ brings Ellsworth back into the ring.  AJ throws Ellsworth to the floor again and Dean sends Ellsworth back in.

Dean takes some time to talk to a fan who happens to have a poster of Ambrose and she wants a selfie with Dean.  AJ gets pissed off and rips up the poster.  Styles sets for the Styles Clash and hits it and Dean takes his time making the count and he stops at two.  Dean kicks Styles and hits the double underhook DDT on Styles.  Dean puts Ellsworth on top of Styles but Styles kicks out at two.  Dean goes to the floor and he takes a drink from a fan.

Dean with another double underhook DDT and Dean counts fast enough to give Ellsworth the three count.

Winner:  James Ellsworth

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of James Ellsworth’s big victory.

AJ is in Shane’s office and he is not in a good mood.

Shane wants to break it down.  He tells AJ to be angry at himself for what happened.  He wanted the match.  Shane says don’t blame Dean Ambrose, James Ellsworth, or Daniel Bryan. Shane says AJ Styles lost to James Ellsworth.

AJ says he will take things into his own hands.

Daniel says he has an idea for next week after AJ leaves the office.

We go to commercial.

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No Mercy Results | October 9th, 2016

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WWE.Com Digitals | Television Captures

Match Number One:  WWE World Heavyweight Title Match:  AJ Styles versus Dean Ambrose versus John Cena

All three men make their statements before locking up.  Ambrose gets in Cena’s face and he pie faces him and punches Styles.  Cena gets Ambrose on his shoulders but Styles goes for a Styles Clash.  All three men go down after a clothesline.  Ambrose kicks Cena in the corner and he knocks Styles away with punches.  Ambrose with more kicks to Cena and then he drop kicks Styles to the floor and sends him into the ringside barrier.  Ambrose sends Cena into the ringside barrier and he sends Cena into the ringside barrier with a side Russian leg sweep.  Ambrose sends Styles into the announce table.

Ambrose kicks Cena from the apron.  Cena catches Ambrose off the apron and Cena runs Ambrose into the ring post.  Styles with a slingshot pescado onto Cena.  Styles rolls Cena into the ring and he punches Cena.  Ambrose drops Styles on the top rope and Ambrose tries to suplex Styles over the top rope to the floor.  Styles blocks Ambrose and they go back and forth.  Ambrose gets back into the ring and Ambrose with a waist lock.  Styles with a standing switch and Cena with a German suplex to both men at the same time.

Styles with a running forearm to knock Ambrose off the apron and to the floor.  Styles signals for the Styles Clash but Cena with a catapult followed by a flapjack and a near fall.  Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Styles lands on his feet and Styles with a Pele Kick and both men are down.  Ambrose is still on the floor so he cannot take advantage of the situation.  Ambrose with a slingshot sunset flip to Styles.  Styles with a springboard moonsault and he hits the inverted DDT on Ambrose while hitting a neck breaker on Cena. Ambrose with forearms to Styles and he charges into the corner but Styles with a back body drop that sends Ambrose into the ring steps.

Styles with a kick and Cena blocks a suplex and hits a gourdbuster.  Cena with Code Red for a near fall.  Cena goes to the turnbuckles with Styles on his shoulders and Styles is able to counter into a back breaker and a sit out power bomb for a near fall.  Cena blocks a punch and connects with punches on Styles.  Styles with a sleeper.  Cena reverses the sleeper.  Ambrose with a sleeper to Cena and he gets on Cena’s back.  Cena backs Ambrose into the corner where Styles is standing.  Cena backs into Styles two more times and Cena gets free.  Cena with two flying shoulder tackles to Ambrose followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Styles with a German Suplex into a sit out front driver.  Ambrose does the same.  Cena with clotheslines to Styles.  Ambrose with a clothesline off the turnbuckles to Cena for a near fall.  Styles with a Phenomenal Forearm to Cena.  Ambrose goes for the double underhook DDT but Styles backs Ambrose into the corner.  Styles puts Ambrose on the turnbuckles and Styles sets for a superplex but decides to go for a Frankensteiner and Ambrose rolls through for a sunset flip and a near fall.  Styles with a rollup for a near fall.  Ambrose and Styles hit clotheslines at the same time and Ambrose gets a cover for a near fall using his head.

Cena gets back into the ring and he looks around and sees Ambrose and Styles down.  Cena signals for a five knuckle shuffle and hits it on both men at the same time.  Cena wtih an Attitude Adjustment on Styles and he rolls out of the ring.  Cena with an Attitude Adjustment on Ambrose for a near fall.  Cena with an STF on Ambrose.  Styles breaks up the hold with a double sledge to the back.  Cena goes to the apron.  Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment on the apron but Styles lands on his feet and he suplexes Cena on the apron.  Styles hits a springboard 450 splash but Ambrose kicks out.

Styles kicks Cena on the floor and Styles goes to the apron.  Ambrose kicks Styles as he comes off the ropes but Styles with a rake of the eyes and he hits the Styles Clash on Ambrose.  Cena puts Styles in the STF.  Ambrose keeps Styles from taping out and Ambrose punches Cena to get Cena to release the STF.  Ambrose with punches and knees to Cena.  Ambrose slaps Cena and he hits a forearm int he corner.  Ambrose with one to Styles but Cena hits Ambrose from behind and he gets Ambrose and Styles on his shoudlers for an Attitude Adjustment.  Styles gets to his feet and Styles takes care of Cena with a kick but Ambrose clotheslines Styles.

Ambrose picks up Styles and puts him on the turnbuckles.  Ambrose goes for a super Double Underhook DDT but Cena with a running sit out power bomb for a near fall on Ambrose.  Styles wit a cross body and Cena rolls through and holds on to Styles and then puts Styles on his shoudlers but Styles with a rollup into the Calf Crusher.  Cena looks like he is going to tap out but Ambrose with an elbow to get Styles to break up the hold.  Ambrose with a Calf Crusher on Styles.  Cena adds an STF and Styles taps out.

The referee continues the match with Ambrose and Cena and Cena with a clothesline as Dean comes off the ropes.

Cena gets Ambrose on his shoulders and Ambrose counters with a double underhook DDT and Styles pulls the referee out of the ring.  Ambrose with a suicide dive to Styles while the referee argues with Styles.  Styles is thrown over the announce table.  Ambrose goes up top and Cena with a punch and he hits a super Attitude Adjustment and Styles hits Cena with a chair and Styles falls on Cena to get the three count

Winner:  AJ Styles

After the match, AJ stands tall with the title as Ambrose recovers on the floor. Cena is down in the ring. We go to replays and come back to AJ celebrating as Cena looks on from the ramp. Ambrose is still looking up from ringside.


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Smackdown Live Results | October 4, 2016

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We are back and AJ Styles makes his way to the ring.

AJ says the champ is here. They say Smackdown is the land of opporutnity and he agrees. At SummerSlam, he had the opportunity to beat John Cena and be the Face that Runs The Place. At Backlash, he had the opportunity to beat Dean Ambrose to become the World Champion and he did that too. At No Mercy, he has the chance to beat John Cena and Dean Ambrose at the same time to become THE . . .

Dean Ambrose interrupts and he makes his way to the ring.

Dean wants to know what AJ will be. The Clown that runs the town? The Pest that runs the Nest? The Chump. Dean says he respects AJ for what he has done elsewhere, but AJ took the low road. He tells AJ to have fun parading around with that while he has the time. He says he is not happy because John Cena interfered when he had Styles down for 27 seconds. He says John showed his true colors by doing what he did. John should thank him for bringing the title to Smackdown so he can have a chance to tie Flair’s record.

John Cena interrupts and makes his way to the ring.

AJ tells John to shut up before he speaks. He says we already know what John is going to say so he tells him to shut up. AJ says John will talk about chasing history and becoming a sixteen time champion. How dare you compare yourself to an icon and legend like Ric Flair. AJ says he does not care how many championship John has won, Cena will never be in the same conversation as Ric Flair. Styles says he would not be worrying about Ric Flair’s legacy, he should be worried about AJ Styles. It will be a long road if you chase history because AJ says he makes history.

AJ tells John to give one of his rah rah speeches, but he will watch John make a fool of himself like he did at SummerSlam.

Dean tells John to stop and he says he will save John the trouble. John will say that Dean screwed himself last week and that he is his own worst enemy. You are going to spin it where the guy who got screwed over twice is the jerk. He calls Cena a political guy because of the way he spins things. You cut the legs out of people who try to top him. Dean says John cannot outhustle him. Dean mentions John’s loyalty. Dean mentions zero sick days and zero days on the injured list. He has had more matches in the last two years. You have zero respect for him because he does not kick John’s ass and ask him for advise and play his games. Dean says he has not played by John’s rules.

If being a fake, plastic, suck ass behind the scenes to be a star, he will not be that. He talks about what John is playing.

Cena attacks Ambrose and then he sends Styles to the floor. Cena with an Attitude Adjustment on Ambrose and then he holds up the title belt. Styles attacks Cena and Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment but Styles gets to the apron and he hits a Phenomenal Forearm. Styles holds up the title belt and then he leaves the ring.

Dean attacks Styles from behind and sends him into the ringside barrier and he hits the double underhook DDT on the ramp.

Ambrose holds the belt over his head as we get all three men’s music to play.

We go to credits.

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Smackdown Live Results | September 27, 2016

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WWE.Com Digitals | Television Captures

AJ Styles is backstage walking when Charly approaches him for comments on the main event. AJ says tonight is much bigger and more grand than the debate. AJ says he’s already beat up John Cena and beat up Dean Ambrose to get here and tonight, he’s going to beat up Ambrose again and keep the title.

WWE World Title Match: Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles

We go to the ring and out comes John Cena for commentary. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Dean Ambrose. WWE World Champion AJ Styles is out next. We get formal ring introductions from Greg Hamilton. The bell rings and Ambrose unloads on AJ. Ambrose goes corner to corner and drops AJ with a chop. Ambrose with more chops in the corner now. The referee warns him. Ambrose drags AJ’s face across the rope. AJ comes back and kicks Ambrose but gets clotheslined over the top to the floor in front of the announcers. Ambrose tosses AJ on top of the table and beats on him in front of Cena and the announcers. Ambrose goes back in the ring and stands tall as we go to commercial with Cena reminding us that Ambrose can’t win the title on a count out.

Back from the break and AJ has Ambrose down in a headlock. Ambrose fights up and out but they both collide in the middle of the ring and go down. They get up and Ambrose looks to make a comeback. Ambrose catches AJ in the air and slams him over his knee for another 2 count. Ambrose goes to the top but has to roll through. More back and forth. Ambrose knocks AJ from the apron into the barrier. Ambrose nails a big dive out and both are down on the floor now. Ambrose brings it back in the ring but AJ rolls right back out the other side. Ambrose climbs up and nails a big elbow drop to the floor. We go back to break.

Back from the break and they go at it. AJ gets the Calf Crusher locked but Ambrose eventually breaks out. More back and forth. Ambrose with the swinging neckbreaker. They trade shots in the middle of the ring now. They trade more holds and Ambrose drops AJ on his face for a 2 count. Ambrose takes AJ to the top but AJ comes back down. AJ takes control and goes for another pin attempt. Ambrose gets a close 2 count after a big clothesline from the top. Fans chant “this is awesome” as Cena goes on and on about why he feels good about his chances at No Mercy. Styles drops Ambrose with a pele kick. AJ goes to the apron and sringboards in but misses the 450 as Ambrose moves. Ambrose goes to the top and hits the elbow drop for a 2 count.

Ambrose ends up going out after Styles on the floor but lands bad on his leg and Styles nails a running knee to the head. Styles brings AJ back in but turns around out of nowhere and decks Cena. AJ springboards in but Ambrose ducks. Cena hits the ring but the referee holds him off at the apron. Ambrose has AJ rolled up but the referee is distracted with Cena. AJ kicks out. Ambrose is pissed and goes right to the floor and nails Cena for costing him the title. This leads to AJ rolling Ambrose up for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the bell, Cena hits the ring and argues with Ambrose as AJ leaves. Cena and Ambrose get in each others face now. Ambrose kicks him for Dirty Deeds but Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment. Cena turns around to Styles but he blocks and slams him with the AA. Cena raises the WWE World Title as fans pop and his music hits. We go to replays. SmackDown goes off the air with Cena on the stage while AJ and Ambrose recover in the ring.

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Smackdown Live Results | September 20th, 2016

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WWE.Com Digitals | Television Captures

AJ Styles is in the back polishing his title belt and AJ is asked about the rivalry with John Cena and Dean Ambrose.  AJ says he has no rivalry with either of them because he beat both of them.  He is the Face that Runs the Place and the Champ that Runs the Camp.  Why is the champ in a Triple Threat Match at No Mercy?  The only way he loses the title is if he does not have to be pinned.  Dean and John are going to rip each other apart tonight and AJ will sit back, relax and soak it all in.  The Champ is was, and will always be here.

Match Number Six:  John Cena versus Dean Ambrose

They lock up and Dean with a side head lock and take down.  Ambrose with a shoulder tackle and Cena backs into the corner.  Cena with a side head lock.  Dean with elbows and Cena with a shoulder tackle.  Cena gets Dean on his shoulders but Dean gets to the mat and Dean goes for the double underhook DDT but Cena escapes.  Cena with a side head lock take down.  Cena with a shoulder tackle and Irish whip but he misses a shoulder and hits the ring post and goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dean with punches and chops followed by running forearms.  Dean with a clothesline followed by a running forearm into the corner.  Dean follows with a bulldog.  Dean goes for the double underhook DDT but Cena counters with an STF.  Ambrose gets to the ropes and Cena breaks the hold.  Ambrose sends Cena to the floor.  Ambrose with a suicide dive and both men are down.  Ambrose sends Cena back into the ring and Dean goes up top.  Ambrose wtih the elbow to the chest but Cena rolsl through and gets Dean on his shoulders for an Attitude Adjustment and Dean kicks out at two.

Cena gets Dean up again for an Attitude Adjustment but Dean gets to his feet and Dean hits the double underhook DDT for a near fall.  Both men struggle to get back to their feet and they exchange punches.  Ambrose bounces off the ropes and Cena gets Dean on his shoulders but Ambrose counters with a sunset flip for the three count.

Winner:  Dean Ambrose

After the match,. AJ Styles attacks Cena on the floor with a Phenomenal Forearm off the ringside barrier and then he hits a Pele Kick on Ambrose in the ring.

Daniel Bryan comes out and he tells AJ that was Phenomenal.  Last week, Shane promised Dean a one-on-one title rematch.  Daniel says that match will happen . . . next week on Smackdown.

Ambrose with a double underhook DDT on AJ as we go to credits.

Smackdown Live Results | September 13th, 2016

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WWE.Com Digitals | Television Captures

We are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Mauro Ranallo, John Layfield, and David Otunga.

AJ Styles makes his way to the ring.

AJ says the Champ is HERE. He says he hates to tell you that he told you so, but he wants to yell it . . . I TOLD YOU SO!! Everything he said he was going to do, he did. He told you that he was going to beat John Cena. At SummerSlam, he beat John Cena and he is the face that runs the place. Then he told you that he was going to beat Dean Ambrose. At Backlash, he beat Dean and became the new WWE World Champion. If he told you he could beat John Cena and Dean Ambrose with one arm tied behind his back, it is the truth. It is the gospel. AJ says if he gave you the lottery numbers, you would be a millionaire. If he tells you the sky is green, there is no need to look. The sky will be green.

His lips do not lie. He says that he is the Champ that runs the Camp. AJ repeats himself. He says it one more time.

John Cena’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

John says you can hear these people and they know what he knows. You have something that belongs to him and he would lilke it back.

AJ says he will give it back and he gives John his wrist band since AJ has the World Championship.

John says that AJ still has something that belongs to him and the bad news is that he would like to take it back. He wants the World Championship. The greatest champion has said that to be the man, you have to beat the man. If he can hold that gold one more time, he is in the conversation with the man. John says he couldn’t think of a better person to make history off of than you. You are the face that runs the place. John says he is the man who doesn’t quit. His goal is to say the Sixteen Time Champ is here.

Dean Ambrose comes to the ring and he gets in AJ’s face. Dean says you made the biggest mistake of your life on Sunday, boy. He says he can handle losing the title, but you kicked him in the jewels to steal the title from him. You have made Dean your enemy. Your life changes when you are his enemy. Dean promises to make your life miserable. He will take back his title and he will do it with interest. He will bury you in the ground . . .

John asks Dean about complaining about hanging AJ by his crotch and the complaining about a low blow. Steve Austin was right and you have not shown that you have balls.

Dean says that John must be mistaking him for someone who gives a damn about you or what you say. He has heard enough of your rah rah. You are a lazy part-timer. You are better off doing television shows, movies, and talk shows because you cannot hang with him. WWE uses you for media appearances but you cannot get it done in the ring. Dean says you couldn’t get past this chump at SummerSlam, so how are you going to beat him.

Shane McMahon’s music plays and he shuffles on the stage before making his way to the ring.

Shane says with the talent in the ring and the emotion, he had to come out. He tells AJ that him and John Cena tore the house down at SummerSlam. You defeated John Cena clean and that is a huge accomplishment. Shane says he does not like AJ saying he is the face that runs this place. He earned it by beating Cena. He says Dean and AJ tore the house down at Backlash. Shane says AJ took the easy way out to win the title. Shane says that is not how he saw a new champion being crowned. AJ is the WWE Champion.

Shane says Dean will get his one-on-one rematch, but not right now.

At No Mercy, AJ Styles will defend the WWE Championship against John Cena. . . . and Dean Ambrose in a Triple Threat match.

Shane says emotions are going so bonkers so tonight John Cena and Dean Ambrose will be in a tag team match against AJ Styles and a partner of his choosing. Shane says if AJ cannot get a tag team partner, the General Manager can find one for him.

AJ Styles walks in the back and he sees Baron Corbin and Baron wants to know what AJ wants.

AJ says he knows that Baron has a match against Apollo Crews but why not be his partner tonight.

Baron says he would rather be AJ’s opponent than partner and he walks away as we go to commercial.

AJ is still in the back looking for a partner and he sees Kane. He tells Kane the face that runs the place needs a tag team partner. The Phenomenal One and the Devil’s Favorite Demon . . . that has a good sound to it.

Kane laughs and walks away.

We go to commercial.

AJ Styles sees Daniel Bryan and Daniel asks AJ if he has found a partner. Daniel says they have found a partner and it is James Ellsworth. AJ storms off.

We go to commercial

AJ makes his way to the ring

Miz comes out and attacks James Ellsworth from behind with a clothesline and then he punches Ellsworth and Miz says he is the main event so he gives Ellsworth a Skull Crushing Finale on the ramp.

AJ is shocked at the status of his tag team partner.

Miz walks to the ring and he says he is the main event.

AJ asks Miz if he wants to be his partner and they shake hands.

Match Number Four: AJ Styles and Miz (substituting for James Ellsworth) versus Dean Ambrose and John Cena

The match is joined in progress and Miz tags in and kicks Cena and gets a near fall.  We see footage of AJ hitting a Ushigoroshi during the commercial break.  Miz stands over Cena and Cena blocks a punch.  Cena goes after Styles and Miz with a kick and DDT.  Miz chokes Cena in the ropes and then Styles hits an enzuigiri on the apron.  Miz with the Awesome clothesline.  Miz goes for a second Awesome Clothesline but Cena moves and Miz lands awkwardly in the corner.  Ambrose tags in and he connects with a forearm on Styles and a back elbow.  Ambrose with a running clothesline.

Styles with a boot and he comes off the turnbuckles but Ambrose catches him and hits a uranage back breaker.  Ambrose goes up and hits the elbow to the chest and gets a near fall.  Ambrose sends Styles into the turnbuckles and punches him.  Ambrose punches Miz off the apron and then sends him into the ringside barrier.  Ambrose misses a clothesline and Styles with a Pele Kick.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Miz and Ambrose are down.  Ambrose sends Miz into the turnbuckles and puts him on the turnbuckles for a butterfly superplex but Miz with punches and a head butt to send Miz to the mat.  Miz with a double sledge off the turnbuckles and Styles tags in.  Styles kicks Ambrose and he knocks Cena off the apron with a forearm.  Cena distracts the referee in the ring and Miz works over Ambrose in the corner.  Styles with a punch and chop.  Styles with another punch and he has something to say to Cena.  Ambrose sends Styles into the corner and he chops Styles.

Styles with punches and a kick to the ribs.  Styles with a rear chin lock.  Ambrose with a kick and forearms but Styles with a forearm and kicks.  Ambrose with a swinging neck breaker. Cena and Miz tag in and Cena with two flying shoulder tackles followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb.  Cena with a five knuckle shuffle to Miz and Styles tries to interfere.  Ambrose sends Styles to the floor and hits a suicide dive.  Cena with an Attitude Adjustment to Miz for the three count.

Winners:  Dean Ambrose and John Cena

After the match, Cena poses on the turnbuckles and then Dean with a kick and double underhook DDT.

We go to credits.

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