Fans chant for AJ Styles next. Bryan makes the introduction and out comes AJ as Shane looks on. Shane is still sporting a shiner from earlier this month. They take their seats at the table. Shane talks about the vision he and Bryan had for SmackDown when they started leading the brand. He says AJ has been a part of that vision and will still be a part, no matter what happens at WrestleMania. Shane praises AJ’s in-ring skills and says he truly is phenomenal. AJ agrees and says yeah, he is pretty phenomenal. Shane goes on about how AJ got himself to the WWE Title but something was happening to AJ and not in a good way – his ego was getting too big and he became arrogant. Shane says it was AJ’s arrogance that caused him to lose the WWE Title.

Shane says AJ’s ego couldn’t handle the fact that he wasn’t scheduled for WrestleMania, so he made his own opportunity at Shane’s expense. Shane says no matter who he’s been in the ring with, he makes the other person reach deep down. Shane says if AJ doesn’t give him his best, he won’t feel real phenomenal when Shane’s hand is raised on Sunday. Shane drops the mic and signs the contract. AJ also signs the contract. AJ asks Shane if he’s ready for this match. It won’t be Hell In a Cell or Falls Count Anywhere. It’s a match where you lose if you’re out of the ring for 10 seconds. No weapons and if you use them you’ll be disqualified. AJ says this is a traditional match and he’s not sure if Shane has ever been in one but when he enters the ring with AJ, he enters the world of AJ Styles. AJ says this is his home and this is what he does. He is untouchable between these ropes. AJ says they will wrestle, throw hands and take it to the air if Shane wants to but AJ will embarrass Shane on every level.

AJ goes over some of Shane’s biggest opponents but says he’s never been in the ring with someone like AJ Styles. AJ says he is the all-around best performer to ever step foot in a WWE ring and at WrestleMania, Shane is going to find out how phenomenal AJ really is. AJ signs again or finishes his first signing. They face off and AJ pushes the table out of the way. Bryan gets in between them. Bryan tells them to calm down and wants to seal the deal with a handshake. Fans boo and a “no!” chant starts. Shane offers his hand. AJ refuses and walks out of the ring to more boos. AJ talks some trash as his music hits and he backs up the ramp while Shane approves the contract and looks on.